Fixed ... "task build_and_program_dfu" didn't seem to do anything for me

Hello all,

I have been going through the steps here:
Setting Up Your Development Environment · electro-smith/DaisyWiki Wiki (

Under 4a I got to the line:

  • Run task build_and_program_dfu

When I did this, nothing happened. I am wondering if I missed a step in here… I just wasn’t sure.

Also: Is there a difference between CTRL + P and CTRL + SHIFT + P as it looks like two different keyboard shortcuts are referenced in this part of the documentation.

Thank you for your thelp,

What I found out was a couple of things:

  1. The system that I am using the dev work is brand new
  2. When I went through the steps initially in VS Code I did not have the c/c++ extensions installed (I added them later)
  3. (not sure if this was needed) but I did a full reboot because I had setup the driver for the USB debugging and that seemed to “install” a driver
  4. upon reboot and having the c++ extensions installed in VS Code seemed to allow the command to work.
    Note: Before when I went to type in the command nothing was highlighted and no options were showing up as I was typing… thus, I suspect having the c++ extension installed was the core of the reason why this was not working for meat the time.


In general, issues like this should mention what OS is being used.


Sorry about that I usually do.

In this case I am on Windows 10.


Very interesting. There’s a slight difference between command p and command shift p. They’re the same field, but one of them auto populates with a > to run commands, which I believe includes tasks.
There’s some more info here.

With regards to the C / C++ extension, we should definitely add that to the install instructions! Can’t confirm / deny if that would mess with the tasks command but it’s still quite necessary if you’re going to be writing cpp.