Daisy Pod USB port not working

Hi! I’ve just received my Daisy Pod, and I’m wondering if the USB port on the baseboard (not on the Seed) can be used to power/program the Seed? I’ve tried powering it from my laptop through that jack, as well as uploading new code to it, and neither action works. Is the Pod’s USB port used for MIDI I/O instead?

Thanks for your help!

@walkindude125 did you try using Zadig to reset your USB driver?

There are instructions here on our wiki or in this forum thread.

edit: sorry that was a draft for a different post!

@walkindude125 the secondary USB port on the Daisy Pod is not for powering for programming the Seed.
It is only meant for USB device use (MIDI, audio, VCOM, etc. )


Thanks so much for your response and for that clarification, @andrewikenberry!

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