DaisySP away from the hardware - (AKA Plugins with JUCE!)

DaisySP now has a CMakeLists.txt file allowing for builds to be generated on multiple platforms a bit easier.

For now the ARM build for the actual Daisy hardware will still be done with the local Makefile, but if you’ve been interested in using the DSP in DaisySP away from the Daisy hardware this should make that a little bit easier.

I, personally, am fairly new to CMake so any feedback is welcome.

As a first-pass test we’ve also added an example using JUCE. A simple plugin based on one of the examples that uses DaisySP for the synthesis, has a slider in the GUI, and accepts MIDI input.

So far, I have only tested the standalone target on Windows, but will be testing elsewhere and improving the example over the next few weeks.

Apart from being able to use the DSP in other integrations, this also opens the door to easier debugging/development of DSP modules, as well a road toward better CI with actual tests for each module, etc.

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