Daisy vs FV-1

Hi. As a guitar pedals hobbyist, I was thinking of starting to play around with DSPs, particularly the FV-1 until I came across Daisy.

How would you compare Daisy to FV-1in terms of possibilities for guitar pedals (anything from modulation to overdrive / distortion or more crazy stuff like midi conversion)?

Thanks in advance!

FV-1 is ancient hardware that has overstayed its welcome. Compared to Daisy it would be limited in processing power, amount of available IO and ease of use.

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Thanks a lot. I’m going to order one! Looking forward to it!

The Daisy is more effort to program than the FV-1, and doesn’t come with all the Alesis knowledge, but is more capable if you have the ideas for new sounds.

FV-1 PCB footprint is much smaller (and cheaper), even with the additional components like EEPROM and crystal. It is somewhat limited (128 instructions/sample, 3 pot, stereo in/out, no GPIO) but is easy to setup and very efficient for effects that don’t require a complex logic. The instruction set is well designed. But regarding processing power and versatility, the Daisy Seed is very far ahead.