Daisy Pod MIDI events not popping

Running the Pod Midi example from the web programmer, everything seems to work correctly for the first ~80-90 MIDI events (~40 Note On + ~40 Note Off). After that there is a stagger in popping MIDI events. Sending a new MIDI event causes the previously sent MIDI event to be popped e.g. sending a Note Off triggers the previously sent Note On. After another ~80-90 MIDI events, the stagger increases to 2 MIDI events.
The same thing happens when flashing the Field Midi example to the Pod.
Using a KeyStep 37 and a Daisy Pod.
I don’t believe this is a hardware issue because flashing the Pod with the binary from the below project did not have any issues.

Can anyone confirm if they see a similar issue? Or is there something wrong on my end somehow?

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Looks like the MidiHandler RingBuffer fills up with ~85 MidiEvents, popping them one at a time. Then dumps the whole contents of the RingBuffer all at once?
Example code below

Reverting to v5.0.0 of libDaisy fixed this issue for me

Thankyou for the update