Daisy or Daisy-powered module as an instrument : Let's start small

I was wondering around a year ago trying to think big and start things with designing a wavetable instrument on my MaxforLive licence.

Then, @recursinging opened my eyes, and told me I had a “Daisy” without knowing it : the Desmodus Versio.

I got back to think “small”, and managed to push an effect device several times on it, first it was community-designed devices, then some I had (basically)customized, and we’re here now.

I’m one small step from buying a Patch (+1 for the extra i/os + screen) or a Bluemchen (+1 for the <€€s), just I cannot project into geeking as a pro on one of these, and regret it. First step was positive, yes, but I wondered if I could be able to create one instrument device of my own on a module, to start with what I have : the versio. Does a kind of first step tutorial on Maxforlive for, say, input a gate + midi or CV in, create a simple sine for instance, and output it ?

KXMX Bluemchen is no longer available, unless there would be another run some time in the future.

Having a display is awesome and especially for working with wavetables, but it’s particularly useful if you can draw the wavetable itself. Which means coding in C++. So if you were going to use gen~, you won’t lose much by sticking to the Versio that you have, especially if you’re just learning new things.

Thanks @antisvin , I didn’t know that bluemchen were not manufactured anymore, sad (for me ;-( )

I didn’t mean to purely draw wavetables, but rather scan through pre-installed ones. I’d love to be able to import banks of WT on such a module.