Custom Eurorack modules using Max/MSP Gen~ & Eurorack-blocks!

Hi everyone!

Maybe some of you know, I’m running the Eurorack-blocks project, which aims to develop your own custom Eurorack module (that is with its own custom front panel and controls), with no knowledge in hardware engineering, and basic soldering skills, in a prototype environment that allows you to test the module before you even manufacture it (that is in VCV Rack). It is using the Daisy Patch Submodule.

Before it was C++ only, but we just added a first iteration for Max MSP integration. And your feedback is important!

If you wish to try this iteration, please read the documentation on Eurorack-blocks: Software to Hardware Prototyping for Eurorack — Eurorack-blocks documentation

Though macOS only for now, sorry :grimacing:

Some videos of the project:

If you are up to try it, please don’t hesitate to post here if you have any questions!


looks nice. I am finishing a soft synth (spacef-devices, for scope) then will install max and will be able to fiddle with this. I a waiting for the patch init to arrive too.

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it is Mac only ? (I am on windows 7, may be 10 soon…)

Just a note to say that Eurorack-blocks is a great idea/project! … Congratulations!

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@spacef Yes sorry, it is only macOS for now :grimacing: There are quite some issues with our dependencies on Windows (KiCad, ninja, etc.), and I think I need someone there to help with that (if you know someone by the way :slight_smile: )

mmm, myself I am not that good to help unfortunately. May be I can post a “ad” somewhere…

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