Can CV i/o be used as audio i/o in the Daisy Field?

Is it possible to configure the Daisy field’s CV i/o for audio? If so, could this function as a 6 in 4 out device?

With all of the ADCs running on the Daisy field, the control sample rate isn’t quite fast enough for audio.

With that said, the maximum sample rate of the STM32 ADCs is actually quite fast. So in a pinch it can be possible, but requires some special considerations that are not baked into the libDaisy ADC driver.

The DAC outputs, on the other hand, can easily be driven into audio rates (and use a similar callback mechanism as the AudioHandle). However, they are 12-bit resolution, and unipolar 0-5V on the Daisy Field.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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