Advanced operation and JSON modification questions

Hi guys,

i have a couple of general oopsie questions and maybe you got some answers.
Here it goes.
I am referring to the upcoming Oopsie with the configurable JSON files

1.Can we save the state of the seed somehow with Oopsy ?
As in the parameters set , buffer content and such.
If not, we can drop the SD card, right ?
2.Can we omit the SD card and redirect pins such as encoders , switches etc to those free pins ?
They are not mentioned in the new JSON list of IO
I could really use a few more inputs, or run the OLED and the encoder at the same time
3.Can we set the level of the RGB LEDs , the ring in Petal to a lower level somehow…like 60% ?
4.I am planning to use multiple Seeds with a shared Interface.
Is there some information how to work with Muxers/Demuxers to read in multiple pots like on Field or
write to multiple LEDs , also like in Fields
5.When using multiple Seeds with shared interfaces one would send the interface into local buffers and read them out for Seed A or B, one would need to store the buffers bringing me back to question 1. How can we save settings ? If that the moment for the mentioned C++ injection ?

Perhaps this will be spot on:

You can also get quite a few hits with a search on “4051”.

Hey, thanks for the link.
That is a fantastic tutorial Takumi made , but it all ends in arduino or other line code.
I am looking for an oopsie integration.
Basically for it to be included in the upcoming new version as a version that can be activated like the midi ports or the screen.

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  1. Writing to an SD is not possible yet. Please see here: SDcard: using to fill [data] objects · Issue #16 · electro-smith/oopsy · GitHub

  2. For the Seed, you may be able to “over-ride” it by configuring those pins in the json file. For example, trying setting pin D4 as digital input. I recommend giving it a try.

  3. I suggest looking at petal.json. You should be able to use something like [out 7 led_ring_1] to control the brightness. Send [cycle 0.25] to it and see what happens.

  4. You can use mux with Oopsy. There was a community member in the Discord server who read my tutorial and implemented it in gen~. There’s a thread called “gen~ Multiplexer”. I was planning on adding it to that forum tutorial post after I test it out personally (but I haven’t had a chance to try yet).
    Also, you can reference field.json. And, this is in the thread of the mux tutorial: Cd4051 Multiplexer Tutorial Is Here! - #5 by shensley

  5. Do you mean read the SD card in Seed A and then send that data to Seed B via wires? It could be possible to do this with that new C++ feature for the new Oopsy version, but I haven’t personally heard about doing that. At the current version of Oopsy, I don’t think something like this is possible.

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile: