Additional Storage For Larger Patches

I’m having a lot of success with my puredata-plugdata-seed setup. The PD patch it working well, but i’m inching right up to the storage limit. I know there’s a way to add a micro SD to the seed somehow, but i wanted to know if this could be used to just run a bigger PD patch or if it’s used for something else. Thanks for all your help past and present.

While it should be possible to load patches from SD-card using the bootloader (I have not tested this myself), you are still limited by what fits in program memory (I believe, ES team should confirm).

Which flashing options have you tried, and what kind of limitations are you running up against?
In the latest plugdata it is possible to use a custom linker, which allows to use the custom SDRAM linkers (shipped with pd2dsy) that are useful for allocating dynamic tables like for delay lines and such.

This might be helpful!