Adding OLED to Pod?

Hi all,

Short version: I built a DIY POD on protoboard, is it possible to add an OLED with the unused pins on the Daisy Seed? Is it possible to get preexisting software (specifically, Pollen(8)) to output useful info?

Long version: I am absolutely clueless when it comes to programming etc. I bought a Daisy Seed to see how I could implement preexisting software into my music-making setup. I built a Pod from scratch (I already had most of the parts so it would be cheaper for me that way) and it all works well. I loaded the Pollen(8) synth and I love it! It’s great! Big shout out to Jason Long aka hammondeggsmusic for making it.

Now I’m hoping to improve my “diy pod” in some way. I have an OLED laying around and I was wondering how simple it would be to add it to my POD. I see that there are open pins on my Daisy, and in other hardware, such as the Field, these same pin are used to interface with an OLED, so in theory I could hook it up.

However, am I correct in thinking that this would be essentially useless? More questions:
-Since I’m running my Daisy as a “Pod”, there doesn’t seem to be any built in OLED support, right?
-On top of that, none of the software has any information to send to the OLED?
-If I wanted to use an OLED, would I have to “build” a Patch or a Field and use software specifically for that platform? This is a possibility for me, I’m looking at the schematics and I know that I could build a Field or a Patch on protoboard, but I don’t really want to go down that path if I can already use the “pod” that I have.

This may all sound basic and I apologize for my ignorance when it comes to software, etc. Any guidance on this would be great.

Hello @moonfriend and welcome to the forum!

Congrats on building your own pod! Like you, I can’t afford the larger Daisys so I work with the Seed and an LCD screen:

If you attach on OLED you can use the OLED support in libdaisy:

Look at the init source for the Daisy Patch to see how it is used:

Method InitDisplay().

Then you can study an example for the Daisy Patch to see how to use it eg:

As I have only worked with LCDs myself, I can’t really give you more help, but this is how I would do it! :slight_smile:


Sorry for super late reply. I appreciate your help. I’ll dive into this and see if I can’t figure something out.
Thank you!

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