Adding a second CODEC to patch submodule

I want to make a delay module with s separate second input and output for an insert in the feedback loop, I thought i could just wire it up the same as the second CODEC in the daisy patch module, but that chip seems to be discontinued. (AK4556) is there a compatible substitute, or something else that will still work with daisy?

@JakPlugg - I don’t know if you can easily mix codecs, but here is a post that summarizes the different codecs that have-will be used in the Daisy Seed, including giving their part numbers:

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Hi, I’d like to build a 4 voice poly VCO module so I could have audio outs for each VCO channel - like a digital version of the Doepfer A-111-4. I see Daisy Patch has 4 ins and outs - can I do this with the Daisy SM as well?

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Well, I think it’s somewhere along the same lines - I did read this thread earlier but it doesn’t answer my question. I was reading the Daisy SM, from other posts, uses the newer PCM3060 as the AK4556 is no longer available. For a separate project I looked for the PCM3060 which I couldn’t find so got a PCM5102A which I believe is from the same family of DAC’s.

So am I right in thinking the Daisy SM is only capable of 2 mono ins and outs? - my first question and…

Could I add another DAC to add extra inputs and outputs? Surely 1 DAC is capable of mutiple audio channels as in a mixer application? I don’t want to add another if there’s some way of extending the inputs with the on-board DAC.

I have just looked at the Mixer example in DaisyDuino for the Daisy Patch (Daisy Seed) which uses PIN_PATCH_CTRL_1 - 4. Are these CV inputs that are being used for audio as well? The documentation in the Datasheets, pinout diagram is confusing but am I right in thinking the the CV_1-8 anf CV_Out channels in Daisy SM can also be audio channels?

I thought I had made my initial question very simple… sigh.

My question isn’t about adding a second DAC, rather using the functionality of the existing hardware to have more audio channels than is indicated in the Datasheet but I have no knowledge on this subject and the reason I am asking.

Audio channels use a codec. The Patch SM has a codec with 2 audio inputs and 2 audio outputs.

If you want additional audio channels you will need to add an additional codec. This is how the Patch adds 2 additional I/O.

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Okay thanks. I thought it might be simpler than this. I see the Daisy Patch has an external AK4556.

So a 16 channel DAC would be sufficient for a digital design of a quad VCO like the Doepfer A-111-4.

Does anyone have any recommendations for 12-16 bit 8-16 channel DAC for use with the Daisy SM that have drivers available? I’ve had a look at some on Mouser and considering the price I’m thinking 12 bit would be fine to tinker around and learn with.

I was looking at the AD567* series and MPC47 Octal

MCP do up to 8 channels but I have seen this used in Arduino and supported by library.

I found discussion about this DAC which seems a great solution. Would I be able to use this with Daisy SM?

ADAU1966A I2S 16-Channel, High Performance, 192 kHz, 24-Bit DAC

A project using it here:

That’s an I2S or TDM device, and I don’t think the SAI signals from the STM32 are available at the PatchSM connectors.

The Daisy Patch uses Daisy Seed, which has access to SAI.

A module with many audio outputs could be interesting, but it will be a challenging project for a beginner.

I just looked at that Teensy project. Very interesting.

Thanks. I realise this would be challenging just looking at it. My other project is using SMT32 blue to set up a modular design environment using an external DAC first with PCM5102A which is just stereo.

Are there any DACs you could recommend that are quad or octal that would work with the Daisy Seed and SAI? SAI sounds easier.

I read here the Daisy Seed does support I2S but you need to program the STM32 it and write your own driver if unavailable.

Anything about adding another CODEC is going to require significant code. Studying Daisy Patch code and hardware is probably the simplest way to figure out, but only adds two channels.

I don’t know anything about specific I2S codecs, besides having seen the part numbers and data sheets for the ones used in Daisy, plus the ones you linked above; so I have no recommendations.