External I2S

Does the Seed support I2S to/from external devices? If so, on what pins and how does one enable it?

Yes it does. It’s SAI2 on physical pins 31-35. You’ll need to program it to I2S mode

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Awesome. I suspected those were the ones, based on the pinout diagram, but I wasn’t 100% sure. Thanks!

Note that Daisy can also support SPDIF in and output on physical pins 27 & 28 if that’s more convenient for your external devices.

Really?! That’s awesome!

I see the SPDIF Rx on pin 9, but I don’t see a SPDIF Tx anywhere on the pinout diagram on the shop website. Is there a more accurate pin assignment reference somewhere in github docs?

There’s a different SPDIF input available on pin 9 but the best bet is to read the STM32H750 datasheet to see all the options this IC is capable of (there’s 100s of combinations even on the limited number of pins the Daisy connects to).

Just Google for “STM32H750 datasheet” and download the PDF.

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Aah. Thanks for the heads-up. I was looking at the codec datasheet and the board schematic.

You’ll have to write your own SPDIF driver as I don’t think there is one yet. I’ll be writing one soon but still dealing with other things.

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