Working synth

Does anyone know of any fully working Synthesizer with working presets that are downloadable for the daisy seed or pod please?

Check out the pollen8 for daisy pod

Has Pollen(8) been updated for the current codec on Daisy Seed?

@jasonf8892 for the original Pod.

@tele_player :
@hammondeggsmusic can confirm but I believe not.
In other semi-secret news (via a reddit post where we chatted a bit) they’re considering open-sourcing Pollen8 as well as releasing a new version for the Field


I haven’t actually tried it, but this would seem worth checking out:


I can’t believe it, Pollen(8) is working on my new Pod (seed version 1.2
) it’s awesome!

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Wait, is it actually working??
So it looks like it didn’t work on the Pod with 1.1 Seed but works on the new Pod with 1.2 Seed?? Weird, but I’m glad it’s working!

Feel free to share this on that forum post @mrahc626 shared. As you’ll see, people were waiting for the creator to open-source it so that it works on the newer Pods. But if it works on the newest Pod without modifying the code, that’s great news! I guess people can just swap the 1.1 Seed with 1.2 to get it working??

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YES!! It absolutely works, saves to sd card, everything

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Assuming pollen8 hasn’t been rebuilt with current LibDaisy, it works because only the v1.1 required I2C configuration of the codec.