WIP - "Ohtoritone" (tentative name) a Daisy synth in an Otamatone body

Short YouTube Video Here

I completely gutted the original Otamatone hardware which was only capable of outputting a dirty pulse wave and made room for a Daisy and a (temporary) custom built amplifier. I’m hoping to replace the speaker with a better sounding 2 inch driver and, once I spend more time writing the software, allow for a myriad of modes, (multi?) sample playback and dynamic retuning from SD card, and various other features.

Mostly this project is for personal use, but once the setup is stable I might consider designing a drop-in replacement board that makes use of the Seed if there’s demand =).


Whoa! What a neat idea!


Sounding even better =) Modded Otamatone Synth w/ PWM LFO - YouTube

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