Windows 11 + OOPSY is locking up my entire shell... help to find out more please

Hi all,

I decided to enroll in the Win 11 (Windows 365) insider program and one really odd side effect is that when I go to program my Daisy Field it seems to lock up the entire Windows shell requiring me to reboot, so that isn’t great. :slight_smile: Given this, is there any good way to push out some extra logging so that I can see what may be happening here?

I did end the feedback to Microsoft but if I have some more data to help them know the calls and/or what may be happening at that time, I would really appreciate any pointers on how I may be able to do this.


You can try running oopsy from the command line using Node.js. Inside the oopsy package, in the source folder, the oopsy.js is just a Node.js script. It will output information in a more legible way than the Max console, and you can also make use of other Node.js debugging capabiliities.


Thank you.

I have not used Node.js directly before. I believe there is a sample of this on the wiki so i’ll give that a try.

Thanks again for the suggestion, much appreciated.