Will Pod support eurorack-level audio I/O?

I have a few eurorack modules I want to build, and it seems like Seed will support everything I want to do.

For example, I want to build a MIDI clock-synced stereo looper with the ability to crossfade between the looping buffer and the input, so I can do some DJ-style mixing.

Pod looks great for prototyping. However, the Pod page mentions “line level audio I/O” and I’ve heard that eurorack audio level is pretty hot.

Will Pod work for prototyping a eurorack module with eurorack-level audio I/O?


Most eurorack level signals will likely clip when inserted into the pod. However, using a eurorack mixer to attenuate the signals before sending them to the pod should work just fine! :smile:

Oh, that’s too bad, I’m going to need eurorack-level signals out as well. I’m not sure how best to prototype a eurorack module, short or building out all the hardware, which I was trying to avoid this early in the process!

Is it possible to change this behavior via software? Or possible modify the Pod PCB to allow eurorack-level input and output? Or is Daisy just incapable of handling eurorack-level audio at a hardware level, and needs some kind of attentuation / amplification in the surrounding circuit?

That is a usual issue when using microcontrollers. Usually you only need a few components to fix it. Commonly used are the TL072 (or 74) to attenuate and amplify the signals. you can have a look at the open source schematics of, e.g. the Ornament & Crime, or the Mutable Instruments RINGS, which use similar Audio Codex chips, which work at line level, rather than Eurorack level.

I just looked at the Patch schematics https://github.com/electro-smith/Hardware/tree/master/reference/daisy_patch and i found them super clear and well organized. Thanks!


Good find. I have not seen these schematics before. They are just perfect for a DIY project.

Ladik (ladik.eu) makes a couple of useful utility modules, with 4 channels of euro-to-line pads (P-520) or line-euro signal boost (A-510). Inexpensive (30 and 40 GBP respectively), and the company service is quick and low cost

Look for attenuating cables to stop Eurorack level audio clipping the Daisy