Why does GitHub duplicate the username?

This may be a silly-newbie question, but why does GitHub say:

stephenhensley and stephenhensley committed 1 hour ago

for the latest update, ‘replaced memset with a loop to quell vs studio build error. (#131)’

ie - why the duplication of the username? A pointer to a faq or document gladly accepted.


I’m not entirely sure what the configuration issue is on my work machine, but it doesn’t register as the same profile. So when I do merges on github.com with commits I made on my desktop, it “appears” as two different versions of me…

Not really sure why… Wish there were actually two of me sometimes, though. :laughing:

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Ahh, thanks, that’s a good enough answer for me.

I think it was Stephen’s evil doppelganger and you just got tricked.

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