Which environment should I use?

Hi all, I am new to Daisy and recently bought a Seed to achieve this ultimate goal:
Programming and creating a hardware version of an ambient looper that will be a mix of William Basinskis disintegration loops, soma cosmos and some freeze fx.
Until now I worked with the Axoloti environment so I don’t have any real programming skills yet, always liked the “building blocks” approach of Axoloti.

But now I want to step up, be more advanced and futureproof.

The question is: What are your suggestions which environment should I use??? pd2dsy, oopsy, OWLsy or just plain c++???

I am willing to learn from the ground up but as I said, pasting existing blocks in Axoloti patcher was very straight forward for me and I wouldn’t mind if there is a solution where I can use already existing parts and put them together…

For the start I decided to build the PedalPCB Terrarium and try some things first before I design a complete hardware unit from scratch fo the patch.

Every input is welcome, regards

Using C++ would be the most straightforward way. Many people consider C++ hard and convoluted, but you can start with a subset of the language and go from there. Pure Data would be better, if you are more visually oriented, but IMO it becomes hard when the project reaches a certain point. C++'s use of abstraction allows keeping large projects sane (IMHO, of course).


While C++ may have a steeper learning curve, it will offer you with the most flexibility in the long run in my opinion.

Oopsy could be a good route to take as well based on your project idea. I say this mainly because of this Oopsy-powered looper pedal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFWWiYaBb7o
It has a “loop-degradation” feature :slight_smile:

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Most flexibility sounds good and I guess it will be a pretty large project so I guess I will look into C++ then…

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