Where to read about SPI

I’m experimenting with a MCP4131 digital potentiometer and am trying to control it via SPI but no such luck. I was browsing the boards for answers and came upon a post pointing to the SPI Handler documentation in the libDaisy github but it gives me a 404 when I follow the link.

Can anyone tell me where this has moved or possibly point me in the direction of something explaining how to use SPI or I2C with the Daisy Seed, especially in Arduino?

(I have attempted to use the SPI library within arduino but the program hangs when I try to write to the digital pot and am trying to find out why this is happening and how I can correctly use SPI.)

They’ve been updating docs structure recently so likely some links have ended up broken. Here’s latest SPI handle docs for libDaisy if that’s what you were looking for.

Can’t help about the Arduino part unfortunately. Someone else might be able to help after actually seeing your code.

Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for