Where to connect the pins of a sd card reader on the daisy seed

Hi, i’m trying to connect a SD card reader to the daisy seed but can"t find any documentation about where to connect the pins.
Here are the pins on the card reader:
thank a lot for your help.


Do you have any more information on the card reader itself? The pin names seem to suggest an SPI interface.

There is a pinout diagram here:

On the Daisy Pod there is an SD card reader connected to pins 2 to 7 on the Seed.
But if you’ve got an SPI card reader, that would connect to pins 8 to 11.

Be aware that, as far as I know, the code in libDaisy for dealing with SD cards all relies on the SDMMC interface, so you might have to do some investigation to see if it would work with an SPI interface and may require writing your own code.


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@jaradical Thank you for the answer. Yes the card reader is a SPI interface. I will try with a SDMMC one which will is support by the daisy seed.

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