Where is the Daisy Patch display code located?

I know nothing beyond coding besides a java course I did not finish 10 years ago. Still, I want to find where the display code is located in the cpp’s for Daisy Patch so that I can try to make a custom display for my patch. Or at the very least, change parameter names after the fact to be more elegant.

I’m sure this will be in multiple places and all that, but I really want to play around with this. Possibly try to add more speeds to the scope display. just mess around… but not sure where this is. I have tried changing some names, but they never make it after I run make with my edited cpp.

Maybe this is crazy not knowing any code, but my mom says I’m smart so I want to try and figure this out.

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The Oled driver is in:


Some generic ui stuff is in:


Also, the firmware for each example contains ui code.

Hope this helps!


Thanks. I think it should be helpful. I make stuff with max, but I’m assuming once oopsy has exported, I can then alter this code before building again into a .bin

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Ah, I have no experience with Max. Good luck anyway! :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah for sure. Max just exports C++ code of it’s modules. A lot of people actually use it to prototype stuff when theyre still learning. Like VSTs n stuff. So I get the .h .cpp etc. files that will run the daisy patch. I think all the stuff I’m talking about could be treated the same as compiling any Daisy code, since it’s post max. I just need to edit the oopsy display files that are exported. But they should just be an already programmed version of daisylib stuff.

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