Where did the github hardware repo go?


I’m trying to find the schematic for the petal to look at an example of how it uses a PCA9685 to drive several RGB LEDs.

But, It seems that that repo doesn’t exist anymore? Or maybe it has been moved to somewhere else?

Does anyone know what’s going on?

The schematics are now available on the product page. But since the Petal is discontinued, I think we overlooked adding its schematic on the legacy page.

Let me check in with the team. Thank you for the wait.

Thank you for the wait. Here’s the Petal Rev5 schematic.
That link can be found on the Daisy Petal’s legacy page.

Thank you very much for the super quick reply!

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Hi, it might be me, but I can’t seem to find the Field schematic - is that one still on the way?

Hi @pauldee,

Yes, it looks like it’s missing, so I will inform the team about this.
And I will let you know when it’s available on the Field’s product page. Thank you so much for the wait.

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No problem, thank you!

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Hey, a while back I was working on a guitar pedal that used the schematics in the data sheet. Iirc there was line, eurorack level and guitar level interfacing… I can no longer find this. What’s the go?

NVM found a fork of the hardware repo: