What's the maximum sample rate for the ADC inputs/DAC outputs?

Is it 96kHz like the audio inputs/outputs, or is it lower? I’m using the Daisy to design an oscillator/VCA module for Eurorack and want to have audio rate FM and AM be possible via the CV inputs for Frequency and VCA. Should I just use the audio inputs for these two CVs, or would it be sufficient to use the ADC inputs for this? Are there any technical problems with using the audio inputs for CVs?

It won’t work like that, CV inputs are processed by ADC on chip that runs independently from audio codec. Sampling rate for ADC depends on how it gets clocked and number of cycles spent sampling the analog signal. Measurements arrive one by one and not in a buffer like it is with data from codec. If you won’t process it on time data can get overwritten - and CV processing only happens when your audio callback is not running.

So yes, you would have to use codec to process audio.

That makes sense, thanks!