What is the Tool Chain most used for Daisy Seed?

there seem to be rather many tool chains for Daisy Seed.
(((1. Web Programmer)))
2. C/C++
3. Arduino
4. Max
5. PD/Plugdata/Heavy
6. ? Faust?
So which one is the most-used and best-supported?

The Web Programmer is just a simple tool for loading a binary onto a Daisy.

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I don’t have any hard data, but judging from the number of discord posts, PD is likely the most popular toolchain (about 2/3 of all new comments). C++ is probably the best supported, starting from the compiler.

Nah, I think the most devs are probably using libDaisy and C/C++, but they are too busy coding to be on discord or the forum :wink:

Many users that are using PD (and oopsy) are relatively novice programmers, so the support for those tends to be a bit more active. And in the case of PD it’s not always as intuitive as the way the compiler works it’s more an “emulation” of PD behavior than any direct implementation. Which means there are some quirks that new users generally run in to (and they need a bit of extra support to get started).

So just going on Discord or forum activity is not a very good metric for popularity :stuck_out_tongue:

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