What can / can't be achieved with microcontrollers?

Hey all,

I’m fairly new to all this and have a question regarding the ceiling of micro controlers.

With Daisy Seed, and or other micro controlers, what can be done and what can’t be done?

Does a microcontroller have the processing power to be a decent poly synth? Or full drum machine?

Could a digital version of a vermona drm1 mkiii, of DFAM… Or even mini moog be created with a microcontroller, or are we limited to audio FX and and clock deviders? What’s the limit of what they can do and why?




For demos of what the Daisy can do, you can find them below the products, eg:


When I started working with the Daisy Seed around xmas, I had the same question as you – how much work can it do?

That is why I created the OscPocketD. It currently features 7 synth voices with filters, adsr, lfo, delay, reverb, a drum machine with “VA” sounds, a sequencer and a mixer. All running on one Seed! Awesome hardware! See: https://forum.electro-smith.com/t/oscpocketd-portable-beat-song-making-studio-with-synths-and-drum-machine/1006/12?u=staffanmelin

You can also check out the Projects and examples category on the forum: https://forum.electro-smith.com/c/projects-and-examples/18


Here is an example I have entirely done (poly synth and effects) with a single Axoloti board.
The Daisy (400MHz) is potentially 3 or 4 times more powerful than the Axoloti (168MHz)… and i plan to port many of my Axoloti projects to it eventually.


Cheers for the responses and info, it’s interesting to hear how much more powerful it is than the Axoloti.

The Pollen 8 on Daisy seems pretty robust


Hey thanks for the mention of Pollen8. FYI work continues with that for field/patch support, external customizable CC control and the FM engine too.