WebPd - a website that will take a PureData patch and turn it into into plain human-readable JavaScript or AssemblyScript

I thought that this ‘WebPd’ site would be of interest to PureData users here, it was mentioned on the PureData ‘mailing list(s)’:

WebPd - Online Compiler

WebPd is a compiler for the Pure Data audio programming language allowing to run .pd patches in web pages.

WebPd is highly modular and takes a white-box approach to audio programming. It converts the audio graph and processing objects from a patch into plain human-readable JavaScript or AssemblyScript (*). The pure audio generated code can be then integrated directly in any web application without using WebPd or Pure Data ever again

It does have some limitations on the PureData you can use in the patch.


Very neat project that has been progressing steadily for the past years.

Although not particularly useful for “integration” with Daisy :wink:

This looks neat! I need to try it out.

Thanks for sharing, Leonard! Pure Data users in this community would love to check this out.