Wavplayer with more features?

I am wondering if there is a wavplayer for c++ which gives me some more control. Would like to have a pitch setting for example. I am wondering why daisySP doesnt have a more advanced sample player. Or is the looper usable for this?

Hi grello,

Yes, we are actually hoping to update the WavPlayer class as well as provide an improved example.
There have been some fun proof of concepts such as several simultaneous samples, playback speed, and etc.

We don’t have a concrete timeline at the moment, so we would greatly appreciate your waiting!

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That sounds awesome. If you add some granular synthesis style features that would be awesome. Must not be full featured granular thing. More like tabread4~ in pd. Looking forward to it!

This sounds great. Any update on this?

No update just yet.
But this may be of your interest :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, nice tip!

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Thanks for sharing @Takumi_Ogata . @Burpy , if you have any doubts on how to run the implementation in the current state, feel free to reach me.