Venus Instruments Veno-Echo - Daisy based Stereo Delay

Hey everyone,

I’ve just finished up a stereo delay eurorack module based on the Daisy platform.

It’s got all the features I really wanted in a delay! Tap tempo and clock-able, independent time, feedback and reverse buttons for each channel, and artefact-free transitions for all parameter changes. It also has the possibility to insert CV modulation to tailor the pitch wobble, as well as configurable LP and HP filters on the wet line to allow dialing in the right amount of character.

Check out all the details over on MuffWiggler:

And the code is here:

Please let me know what you think.




Awesome. This is almost exactly what I was hoping to make for myself someday. The module looks very well thought out, and the source code as well. Nice work!

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Inspiring stuff! Great job :+1::+1:

Thanks for the kind words guys! I’ve just updated the first post with some demos so you can hear what it sounds like :point_up:


Awesome! And it looks great too.

Must be very satisfying! And thanks for sharing the code!


I received the board and panel today, it’s time to order some jacks,pots,knobs,switches,LEDs…


This is one of the most elegant modules I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been seeing for a very long time!). Nice work!!

I want to include one of those delicious light-up soft buttons in my current project; could you share a link? Thanks!


Back ordered at mouser and digikey. Available at Online Components, minimum qty. 10.
I only need 3…

Thanks for the kind words!

You can check out the BOM here:

But yes, looks like it’s currently out of stock at a number of online stores

I can order 10 from Online, if somebody wants to buy up to 7, at $5each, shipped in USA.

Unless Adam wants to send me 3 for $15?

looks like they are back in stock at Mouser:

Excellent, thanks! Ordering from Mouser.
Edit - the toggle switches are on backorder at Mouser. Grrrrr.

FWIW, I built mine last week using green buttons. (Red was out of stock, and I needed 6 for an smr and another for a ugrids, so I just got 10.) I’d probably switch to green leds if I did it again, but it’s done and I love it.

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Looks great. I forgot to look at alternate colors.

Is the source code, in the GitHub repository, complete, so that I can build the firmware myself?

Hi, yeah should have everything you need to build. If you clone the Veno-Echo repository it should bring in libDaisy and DaisySP repositories as submodules. Let me know if it doesn’t work!

Thanks, got it! I’d forgotten the magic git incantation ‘–recurse-submodules’. Building OK now.

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Ah right, yeah. By default the submodule directories are brought in empty

I have a couple of fully built modules, and a handful of panel sets available from the last Veno-Echo preorder, in case anyone is interested. Give me a shout if you’d like to pick one up!