VCV Rack 2 + DaisySP

C++ noob here, trying to get DaisySP working for developing a module in VCV Rack 2 (using an intel mac with High Sierra).
I made a thread on Slack, and they did provide me this proof-of-concept with an old version of the DaisySP library:

It worked, but I was expecting to use the most recent version of the DaisySP library.
That’s when they suggested changing the Makefile settings in order to work on my computer.
I experimented and tried extensively with different combinations and settings, but to no avail.
However, I did find out that this setting on the Rack’s plugin makefile should be change to this:
Since the new daisySP library has its modules and header on the Source folder.

Can someone help me out with this?

Okay, I managed to make it work, just had to put place the “Source” folder from DaisySP to another folder in my project’s folder. In this case: “dsp”, and add this line SOURCES += $(wildcard dsp/**/*.cpp) on the project’s Makefile. I also had to change any #include dsp.h line to #include Utility/dsp (there’s probably a better way to fix this).

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