Using Log to print variables?

I started to use Log::Print for debug. It worked fine for strings I wrote in the code like this: “debug text”

But now I am trying to print numbers from variables, for example in the seed/Blink.cpp example, I would like to print the value of the led (0 or 1), led_state

#include “daisy_seed.h”

// Use the daisy namespace to prevent having to type
// daisy:: before all libdaisy functions
using namespace daisy;

// Declare a DaisySeed object called hardware
DaisySeed hardware;
TimerHandle timer;
int main(void)
// Declare a variable to store the state we want to set for the LED.
bool led_state;
led_state = true;

// Configure and Initialize the Daisy Seed
// These are separate to allow reconfiguration of any of the internal
// components before initialization.

hardware.StartLog(true); //(true) se queda esperando que la PC escuche en cada PrintLine()

// Loop forever
for( ; ; )
// Set the onboard LED
hardware.PrintLine(“changing Led”); //HERE I WOULD LIKE TO PRINT led_state
// Toggle the LED state for the next time around.
led_state = !led_state;

// Wait 500ms

The problem is that Print() only accepts const char*, can you use Print() with a variable?

This should work:

  hw.PrintLine("Led state:%s", led_state? "on" : "off");

Other options:

  int myint = 42;
  float myfloat = 1.234f;
  hw.PrintLine("Print an int value:%d", myint);
  hw.PrintLine("Print a float value:%.3f", myfloat);
  hw.PrintLine("Mix them: %f is ok, but %d is the %s", myfloat, myint, "answer");

Oh I didn’t realize it worked like PrintF() from C