Using I2C Device in Arduino

I’m trying to use an I2C digital potentiometer (Adafruit DS3502) and it’s library with the Daisy Seed in Arduino but have not been unable to utilize it.
Is there anything I need to to initialize the I2C pins on the Daisy? I have gotten this digipot and library to work with other Arduino boards so I’m a little lost about what I’m missing with the Daisy.

The Wire library should work just fine with the default pins. That’ll be pins 11 and 12 from the pinout I’ve attached. I2C1 SCL and SDA respectively.

One important thing to check is that you have the right board selected in the IDE.
First select Tools > Board: > Stm32 Boards Groups > Generic STM32 H75 Series
and then Tools > Board Part Number > Daisy Seed

Let me know if there’s any other questions!

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