Using encoder-click to control selector-object

Hi. I am trying to come up with a way to use the encoder-click (daisy patch) to control the selector-object in gen. The idea is simple: one click - forward inlet 1, two clicks - forward inlet 2 etc. But after hours of patching, i can not find a smart way to achieve.

An alternative idea is to make the encoder-click increase a number. Clicking the encoder will then shuffle through the selector forward options. Can’t find a way to do this either.
Would really appreciate any help from you people.

On the Daisy Patch, oopsy reserves the encoder for the LED menu navigation. (You might be able to enable the encoder in the Patch by modifying the JSON file for it – take a look at the Pod JSON definition to see what is needed).

If you were using a Pod or some other custom project with encoder support, then a [param press] would give you a 0 or 1 signal depending whether the encoder is pressed. Note however that this is not a single-sample trigger, but rather a gate that is high for at least one audio block size. If you want a single sample pulse, e.g. to feed a [counter] object, send the [param press] → [change] → [> 0] → [counter]. The [change] object outputs 1 when the gate goes high, and -1 when the gate goes low, zero otherwise. The [> 0] will select only the “goes high” case. This will be a single-sample pulse. The [counter] will then increase by 1 when this happens, and wrap at whatever limit you set the counter to. That would be good for switching between options.
Then feed that [counter] output into a [selector] to route inputs.

Thanks for your answer: Apperantly i did misunderstand and thought the encoder-click was possible to access with Daisy Patch. Then it is back to using one of the dials for selecting.