Using Daisy tool chain with new projects

I’m just getting started, I installed the daisy tool chain. Downloaded the DaisyExamples directory. I was able to build and program the sample apps.

I found some code for Terrarium. I downloaded this but could not get it to build. Or at least the commands are not present in VSCode. When I open the project and open the commands palette “build_and_program” and the other commands are not available.

I tried moving the folder inside the DaisyExamples directory but the didn’t help. What am I missing?

Welcome soggybag.

Does the direct containing your terrarium code contain a .vscode directory?

It doesn’t! Do I need that. If so how do I add one of these?

That’s what is for.

Thanks for the reply. (I posted this question on another thread) When use:

$ ./ create ./MyProjects/ExampleProject --board patch 

I get the error -bash: ./ Permission denied

I followed one of the Electro Smith videos. I saw another post which said to include python high makes sense but using:

python ./ create ./MyProjects/ExampleProject --board patch

I get:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./", line 7, in <module>
    import pathlib

I just tried:

python3 ./ create ./MyProjects/ExampleProject --board patch

This seemed to work!

How would you initialize an existing project. For example imagine I have a project and want to use it with the Daisy Toolchain?

I think (maybe, not sure), can set up an existing one, but simplest might be to use to create a new project, then copy your files and edit Makefile if needed. has some builtin help available :
python3 -h