Using Daisy Seed as a sound engine for a hardware design

Hi All
Have any of you used a seed with an teensy 4.1 (controlling HW IO) while using the seed for DSP?
I have been working on a project for a few years and i am at the point where i am shortly going to be designing the sound engine. I was planning on doing this via Oopsy. Has anyone done this before and can they offer advice?

fwiw, seed does not have much DSP powers, except some SIMD instructions, which is currently not used in libDaisy/DaisySP libraries. Teensy 4.1 seems to be more performant (600MHz vs 480MHz). Although, seed provides enough processing power for running multiple polyphonic synths + bunch of effects.

Okay , thanks for the feedback. What libraries would you use for the teensy instead of Daisys? That is the main appeal for me

I haven’t used Teensy, but from what I gathered from shallow googling - it is Arduino compatible, meaning any Arduino audio library will work.

The advantage of Daisy platform is that you are getting the device able to output high quality audio out of the box (directly from the audio pins on seed). While with Teensy you’d need to figure out DAC part yourself. Fwiw Teensy have an Audio library, and a audio shield that would enable audio output.

for sure , i have already on my board the teensy DAC. It seems like staying put with that is best. thank you!