Use Daisy with sensors

Hello everyone! Just got my hands on Daisy for a few days. My initial goal was to create an interactive sound installation utilizing different sensors (Ex: time of flight, temperature, brightness etc). I had some experience in Teensy, Arduino, and gen~, but not much in C++ or STM32.

However, although I found custom hardware mapping JSON in the forum, I was not able to find anything related to using these sensors as input (compared to knobs and buttons which require no extra libraries).

I am willing to spend some to dive deeper into Daisy. According to my research, I have two options: Keep everything related to audio in gen~, and try to get the sensor readings from Arduino using I2C(which I don’t exactly know how currently). The other option is to export gen~ to C++ and get all the codes to work in Visual Studio (but I’m not sure if they have libraries supporting these sensors like the Teensy).

My question is which route should I take? Or which is more efficient and sustainable way of implementing my idea?

I’d really appreciate any help from you guys. Thank you.


I’m not 100% sure on using sensors in oopsy. For some sensors it is certainly possible with custom JSON, with others maybe not. @Corvus_Prudens would probably have more insight on that side of things.

If you’re happy with using Arduino (and you mentioned you had some experience with it), it would be the path of least resistance IMO. Whatever sensor you’re using probably has an Arduino library that will more or less work with the Daisy out of the box. And from there you can write your audio code in Arduino, using the data from the sensor. We have lots of examples showing how to make audio baked into DaisyDuino, and your sensor library will have examples too showing how to use that side of things.

Let me know if that helps!