USB MIDI Host on patch_sm

Hi all, I’m building a eurorack module to which I would like to add USB host functionality and I just seem to come up against one dead-end after another, really not sure why this is so hard! I’ve looked at a few threads on the libdaisy repo & this forum and they all seem to fizzle out with no conclusion. In particular this issue ends with a hint of changes coming soon, posted nearly three years ago. Is there any development on this front since 2020? Has anyone got USB MIDI Host working on the Daisy platform?

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PS. Don’t mean this to sound pushy, I get that the team has other priorities. I :heart: the Daisy platform!

Hi Simon!

It’s totally understandable that you wanted to check in with us about this. While USB MIDI Host is still a planned feature, we unfortunately don’t have any real updates at the moment.
We appreciate your waiting and hope to provide you with an update soon!

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Hi Simon, did you make any progress on ebabling USB MIDI host support? I am looking to do something simillar.

Hardware MIDI is more reliable than USB MIDI, nearly all MIDI controllers have both. MIDI 2.0 is already released and coming to the masses soon so I wouldn’t spend too much time trying to get USB 1 to work at the moment.

I believe that daisy can receive and send MIDI over USB right now, but just not as a host which makes sense considering we are talking about a $4.00 microcontroller (STM32H7) and not a computer.

Hi, sorry I only just got notified about your reply for some reason! So I actually gave up on getting Daisy to host USB midi. However, I have managed to get it working on the Raspberry Pi Pico, which if you don’t know is a well-supported, widely-available $4 dev board. It actually pairs incredibly well with the daisy because as well as being capable of USB host, it has pretty powerful PWM capabilities and can drive at least 8 CV outs (and probably more). Since one thing the Daisy is lacking is plentiful CV outs it’s a very handy “sidecar”! And you can spend $2 more for the Pico W and get wifi + bluetooth! All the things!

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Cool to hear that the Pi Pico pairs nicely with the Daisy!!

By the way, Greg opened a PR for adding MIDI USB Host support recently :slight_smile:
It’s currently being reviewed right now.


I was thinking about the same thing. I’d like to use the Pico W for wireless MIDI over BLE. If you don’t mind sharing, how did you connect the seed and the pico?