USB MIDI Host on patch_sm

Hi all, I’m building a eurorack module to which I would like to add USB host functionality and I just seem to come up against one dead-end after another, really not sure why this is so hard! I’ve looked at a few threads on the libdaisy repo & this forum and they all seem to fizzle out with no conclusion. In particular this issue ends with a hint of changes coming soon, posted nearly three years ago. Is there any development on this front since 2020? Has anyone got USB MIDI Host working on the Daisy platform?

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PS. Don’t mean this to sound pushy, I get that the team has other priorities. I :heart: the Daisy platform!

Hi Simon!

It’s totally understandable that you wanted to check in with us about this. While USB MIDI Host is still a planned feature, we unfortunately don’t have any real updates at the moment.
We appreciate your waiting and hope to provide you with an update soon!

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