USB_MIDI example not working

Hi, I just got my seed and have been trying out the examples. I’m trying to use the USB_MIDI example. As I understand it, it should be outputting a constant sine wave out the usb port. My computer identifies the daisy as a midi input, but I’m unable to select it on any DAW, and I’m not getting any output from the daisy. Has anyone else had issues with this example? Thanks

Nope, you understood it wrong. The example sends MIDI data to the USB device and plays audio only from Daisy outputs. There’s no USB audio support on Daisy yet, so you can’t use it as an audio interface, etc.

Ok great thank you very much. That is not made clear anywhere in the docs despite me spending quite a while trying to find an answer to that question. So if the usb port can’t be used for audio output, what’s the point of sending midi data to the usb port at all? I’m very new to all of this.

Are you basically asking “what’s the point of using MIDI”?

Besides obvious usage for sending note info from a sequencer it can be used to exchange arbitrary data via sysex, so you could use it to read/write samples, patches, tunings and scales, etc.