USB device not recognised in Windows 10

I have installed STM32cubeprog (and rebooted) and I’ve tried Zadig, but I always get “USB device not recognized” when plugging in the Daisy Patch or putting it into upload mode. When trying to use Zadig, after clicking on “List All Devices” there is no “DFU in FS mode” in the devices list, and Daisy Patch seems to be listed as “Unkown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)”. I’m using the same USB port that I normally use for Lich which uploads fine. Hopefully I’m doing something stupid. Would be very grateful for any pointers.

Have you made sure your daisy is in DFU mode when connecting to zadig?
Press boot, reset, then release reset, boot. Then if you list all devices you should see DFU in FS mode.
Hopefully then you can install the correct driver with Zadig.

Yes I did that, several times. And also power cycled before trying a couple more times. Every time I do the boot/reset thing windows complains about “USB Device Not Recognized”

What do you get when you load Device Manager with the daisy connected in DFU mode?
Under correct conditions you would see “DFU in FS mode” under Universal Serial Bus Devices.
I suspect you’ll have some sort of 'Unknown device" or something instead.
You might try uninstalling that faulty device if it’s there.

Also, have you tried a different USB cable? Some people have had issues with faulty cables.

Success! I think the USB port that I used might be dodgy. It works on a different USB port.

Might be getting off topic here, but I uploaded the blink sketch, which seemed to upload ok, but the LED didn’t flash. So then I tried some Daisy Patch sketches and they are working fine. So perhaps the LED is not on the right output for the blink sketch.

Thanks so much for your help :slight_smile:

Glad to hear everything’s working!