USB Capabilities Patch SM and Seed

Hello! Enjoying the Daisy hardware.

My question is about USB support. I notice several libDaisy classes that hint at functionality, but which are unused in any examples, such as USBHostHandle.

A 2021 update introduced Fat32 for USB, but i dont understand the use case. Am i to believe i can plug in a Fat32 USB flash drive into the Patch SM or Seed USB pins, or the external port of the Pod, and expect to read files? If not, what is it for?

Also, curious for any update about USB host Midi, i.e. the ability to plug a USB midi keyboard into a Patch SM or Seed. If its on a roadmap, heres a big +1. Any other users been able to rig up anything for this, short of a small linux box?


Hi James!

I’m sorry for the delay in response!

Yes, USBHostHandle is for connecting a USB flash drive into the Daisy’s USB port and reading files.
Here’s the class docs on that: libDaisy: daisy::USBHostHandle Class Reference

Since the Daisy is a class compliant MIDI device over USB, it’s not possible for devices also looking for a host (like a KeyStep) to send MIDI directly to it via USB. So as of now, you can only send MIDI from the KeyStep to the Daisy via TRS MIDI. That being said, USB host functionality is a feature that’s planned for the future!