USB Audio Interface Support

Can the Daisy utilize a class-compliant USB audio interface? I’d especially like to get the Daisy Patch communicating with a Zoom F8n.

Hi @jeffali and welcome to the Daisy Forum!

This is a planned feature for libDaisy, but has not been implemented yet.

We can chime back here once we have a timeline to share :slight_smile:

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@shensley I think you’ve missed part of the question - OP asked about using Daisy Patch as an audio host rather than device. I don’t think we’ll see it any time soon, since there’s no USB host on it.

As for using Daisy Patch as an audio device, this is possible with OWL port, currently it’s only usable to capture 4 audio channels but I think there would be output support eventually.

Ah, @antisvin you’re correct. Thanks for the clarification. I wasn’t familiar with the F8N specifically (which looks like an awesome device!), and it looks like it can be an Audio Interface.

So, in order to communicate with it over USB, the Daisy would have to be a USB Audio Host using the external USB pins on the Daisy. My mistake. This does mean that it won’t be possible on a Daisy Patch, but possibly on other hardware.

We are planning on adding support for Audio Host usage for MIDI, and I think it’s feasible to run audio that way as well. However, since the Daisy uses USB full-speed (12Mbps), the bandwidth might be limited to a lower sample rate, and number of channels.

I think that 4+4 channels at 48kHz/16bit is what should be expected as upper bound. IIRC, the limitation ends up in audio frame size rather than bandwidth itself.

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