Updates for the new hardware

Just wondering if there are updates for the new codec version of Daisy in the Oopsy pipeline.
There isn’t a dev branch visible on GitHub so, just curious if any of the lead devs for Oopsy have any news. Also, Patch(init) is a fine unit on it’s own with plenty of good I/O so…

I’m involved in development of this in any way, but can explain the general situation.

The new codec on Daisy Seed is detected by libDaisy automatically, I think it might not need any special handling as long as recent libDaisy version is used. The only problem I can think of is that the code size used by firmware would be slightly higher than before.

PatchSM is a different story as it’s a separate board. I suppose that once it’s supported, there would be an official announcement.

Understood, thank you