Updated libDaisy Documentation

We’ve just merged a huge update to the documentation for libDaisy.

It can be found here.

This is a significant overhaul that:

  • adds some guides for working with various aspects of libDaisy
  • provides a cleaner, more modern appearance
  • fixes some issues with missing details from getting into the proper pages
  • applies fixes to organization of various groups and sub-groups
  • improvements to traversing the various documents
  • some improvements to existing inline documentation (this will continue to happen over the coming months).
  • A fun light/dark mode toggle.

Our goal is to make it easier for people of all experience levels to work with the Daisy, and this is the first step in that direction.

An example of where we aim to bring the rest of the documentation can be found on the page for the new GPIO class.

In addition to working through improving the inline documentation for all current classes, we also plan on continuously working on:

  • adding several more guides to the ecosystem for things like common code conventions, working with MIDI, SD Cards, and debugging to name just a few
  • adding diagrams for hardware connections, and concepts where relevant
  • providing more short, libDaisy specific examples for different aspects of the library

If there are any specific aspects of the Daisy that you feel require some additional resources let us know. This update should make it much easier to traverse the documentation, and find what is helpful (as well as what might be missing).


Was wondering why I was hitting 404s earlier today. This update looks great!


This looks like a great start, @shensley!