Unsure where to begin

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I have a project that seems relatively simple, or at least doable, for my new patch.init() module. I’m unsure where to start, there are so many programming options available here.

I’m comfortable enough with max/msp to hope to be able to code my patch with gen~ or pd, but also proficient enough in arduino that I can probably get it working there after some trial and error.

Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish: In its simplest form, I want to recieve input channel and knob/switch/button data, and pass it thru in a specific format via serial from SIG_UART_TX on the patch.init()'s 1x12 header.

Should I go straight to arduino, or would I be able to do this in gen~ or pd? Or is there a better option available?


Hi jabrudian!
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If you want to do something specific with that pin, I would recommend going with DaisyDuino or .cpp. As far as I know, that’s not really possible with Oopsy (gen~) nor pd2dsy (Pure Data).

Please feel free to let us know more about what you would like to accomplish.

Thank you, your recommendation is very much appreciated.

I’m interested in using LED strips for various types of audio and signal metering, so I’m basically trying to use Daisy as a Eurorack-friendly stand-in for a PixelBlaze LED driver Sensor Expansion Board, using the serial protocol described here:


Ah I see! It sounds like the text-based programming route is the way to go then.

Keep us posted with how it goes! It looks exciting :slight_smile:

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