Unreleased Oopsy bug fixes? (for bipolar CV inputs, etc)

I use Oopsy to prototype firmwares for my patch.Init(), and one of the biggest frustrations is the CV input jacks are clamped to 0-5V even though the hardware is bipolar. I recently figured out how to build C++ firmware directly and confirmed the patch.Init() CV input jacks are in fact bipolar. It just doesn’t work with Oopsy-built firmware, which is a shame because it’s a really big and unnecessary limitation for CV control.

Others have reported this on github: Negative CV gets clipped off with default "Bipolar CV" circuit/inputs from libDaisy · Issue #60 · electro-smith/oopsy · GitHub

I’m pretty invested in this at the moment so I was thinking I might figure out how to fix it and send a pull request to your github repository. But after some research, it seems the problem is well known and a fix has already been implemented: Permitted negative inputs with input_max, input_min · electro-smith/oopsy@3e9845b · GitHub

Those changes were applied in the dev branch almost a year and a half ago though! Getting bipolar CV support for patch.Init() in Oopsy would be a huge improvement. Is there any chance this can be followed up on soon and shipped to us end users?

I understand more testing might be needed and you may have other priorities, so I feel comfortable trying out the dev branch myself. I figure I can pull the code and drop it into ~/Documents/Max 8/Packages/oopsy
I am worried about the stability and any known bugs in that branch that might have caused you to not ship it.

Can anyone offer some guidance before I start messing with my Oopsy installation?

The dev branch works fine, just go for it. Not much is fundamentally changed really, just more extensions for things like you mentioned, which really isn’t a huge code change compared to incorporating the new codecs for SM and etc.
The lag in merging to main branch I think is because development for this runs in sprints and pauses AND there’s upcoming hardware and software changes in the pipeline that are all very near to happening. I’m using the latest latest bootloader-additions branch and haven’t run into any buggies YET though they are out there, apparently.

/this should probably be posted in /Integrations/Oopsy / Max / Gen~

Thanks for the response.

this should probably be posted in /Integrations/Oopsy / Max / Gen~

Oops, yes… I didn’t realize there was an Oopsy area under Integrations.

Now I see this thread:

That post, which is pretty recent, goes on to say:

if you’ve been using the dev branch for a while, it contains all of these improvements and more.

That’s exciting! I will try out the Oopsy pre-release as instructed over there and provide any feedback in that thread.

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FYI the bipolar issue is fixed in that prerelease of the upcoming version of Oopsy.