Turing Machine for Daisy Patch

To get acquainted with the framework, I made a Turing Machine implementation for Daisy Patch.


2 channel Turing Machine. Similar to the Music Thing one.


Control Description Comment
CTRL in 1 - 3 Turing Machine Knob Noon: produce random cv, 5 o’clock: cv values lock into repeating sequence, 7 o’clock: cv values lock into inverting repeating sequence twice as long
CTRL in 2 - 4 Length set sequence length
Gate Ins Advance Sequence
CV Outs CV out Either random or looping CV, depending on CTRL 1 and 3
Encoder Navigate Menu Turn to move through steps. Press to enter/leave submenu (values), can be used to adjust amp value to attenuate outgoing cv


Clone the DaisyExamples repo and move this project inside the patch directory. Then cd into the project directory and run make clean; make; make program-dfu.


Here is a little video: