TRS-to-MIDI cable for POD

I was looking to order the cable for connecting POD to MIDI device. I was looking at various on Amazon, and it appears that there’s some differences in wiring of the cables. Can anyone share the Amazon link to a cable that is known to work with Daisy POD?

Thank you.



Unfortunately there are two different wiring configurations on the market. The MIDI spec has finally landed on an official one, which is what we chose to use.

When I get back in the office tomorrow I’ll find and post a link to the relevant MIDI doc, as well as a link to a cable that will work.


The official MIDI standard (initially used by Korg, as well as Daisy according to @shensley’s post) has data on tip, VCC on ring. Alternative (used by Arturia) is the other way around. If you get the wrong one, it won’t work, but you can probably resolder jack on Pod as a workaround.

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FWIW, I was able to connect AxiomPro to POD using a combination of these two cables: and I didn’t find a single-cable listing with the right wiring.

While the cable worked for me, it uncovered a bug that I reported at electro-smith/libDaisy#218.

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Best deal for that short TRS-MIDI cable is Sweetwater, $5, free shipping.

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This may be useful. It looks like the Pod uses Type A, correct?

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Hehe. With obligatory hot-glue strain relief. Ugly but it works.


Has the correct format of trs-midi adaptor been posted yet? Is it Type A or B? Will this one for the Make Noise 0-Coast work for the Daisy Pod?

Yes. Type A is correct.

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Here’s a pinout for the correct orientation.

Also, we’ll be stocking these orange ones on the ES website in a week or two!
Stay tuned for that. :grinning:



Seems odd, that diagram refers to it as type 3, but that wiring is generally referred to as a Type A.

DIY MIDI to TRS adapter with A/B type switch


Electrosmith TRS MIDI adapters are live on the site!

Type A
Braided Cable

These are compatible with all Electrosmith products as well as the Make Noise O-Coast, Korg SQ-1 and others.

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Hope this helps.