Troubleshooting Connection Isse

Hi Folks,

Trying to upload sketches to Electrosmith Daisy Seed. Been through the set up instructions on Github - downloaded Daisyduino + stm32cubeprogrammer, have the correct settings in the ‘tools’ menu, etc., and have also primed the board with the reset/boot buttons.

However, the error message -

"Error: Target device not found

Establishing connection with the device failed

the selected serial port Establishing connection with the device failed

does not exist or your board is not connected"

  • keeps coming up.

Any ideas?


Hey AliMcK!

This post may be of help!

As suggested in the post, begin troubleshooting by using Web Programmer first (Daisy Web Programmer).
If you encounter an issue trying to flash via Web Programmer, it’s possible that you’re using a USB cable that doesn’t send data. I remember seeing something about this a while back on the forum, I believe.

And if the other suggestions in that post doesn’t work either, let me know! Good luck!!

Please feel free to share screenshots too! Any little detail helps!

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