Trouble Loading Patches


I just got the patch and I am excited to start using it! Going through the doc (1e. Getting Started With Oopsy (Gen~ Integration) · electro-smith/DaisyWiki Wiki · GitHub), I haven’t been able to get the example reverb patch onto the module.

Bootloader mode seems to make the screen blank, and then hitting the bang in max says it’s done, but I never see any blinking, and the screen does not return. Here’s a video in case it helps:

What’s my next step?


You might try using the ‘Daisy Web Programmer’ at the top of the forum pages, to take Oopsy out of the troubleshooting picture until you get the hardware working.

The environment, both hardware and software, can be a factor in any ‘failure to communicate’ via USB - a lot depends on whether you’re trying to use Windows, Mac, or Linux.

If Windows there’s a step needed, this is from the help file at the bottom of the screen after you press ‘Display Help’ button:
On windows, you may have to update the driver to WinUSB. To do this, you can download the free software, Zadig. Instructions for this can be found on the DaisyWiki in the Windows toolchain instructions page.

In some cases the solution has been to change the USB cable!

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This could be of help:

Thanks for the replies. I was able to fix my issue, I didn’t see that one of the dependencies (dfu-util) had failed to install via homebrew. I’m on an older macOs (high Sierra), which is not supported. I got it to work by running the brew install again with the --build-from-source flag.