Trouble building example code

Hello! So first time messing with this newfangled thingy, I followed all the instructions (as far as i know) getting the environment all set up as per the videos recently posted by Electrosmith and it went rather smoothly, but now I’ve hit a little snag.

When trying to run the ExampleProject as is it works fine, but when i add that bit of code to make the Blink project as he does in the "Creating your first C++ Project video, I get the message: class “daisy::DaisySeed” has no member “seed”. When trying to run the Blink project from the DaisyExamples>Seed folder I get numerous errors, mostly "Unable to resolve configuration with compilerPath… or Can’t find “X” file or something of the sort. The folders that these un-findable files are supposed to be in are there, but the file is not.

So yeah, short of redownloading everything and starting from scratch I’m not too sure what to do. Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated :)))))


Did you remember to build the libraries? I make that particular mistake quite often myself.

Before you compile for the first time you’ll need to run the “build_all” task once to build the libraries. (This takes a while).

Then you can use the other tasks e.g. “build_and_program_dfu”, etc.

Let me know whether that works or not.

Oh btw you’ll want to run from the example folder not the seed folder.

Well it worked this time! I am positive I built the libraries before I tried it last, I think I built them several times actually, idk it works now so I’m happy. I did get an “error during download get_status” but the Blink program appears to be functioning as it should.

Thanks for the help!

This is normal! :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum!